Raid controller battery for areca shipped from oakville, ontario canada
  • Areca Compatible
  • Arc-11xx(ml)
  • Arc-1203-(2i/4i/8i)
  • Arc-1224(4i/8i)
  • Arc-1264il-(12/16)
  • Arc-12x6
  • Arc-12xx(4i/4x/8x)
  • Arc-12xx(ml)
Product InformationFits Brands:- ArecaFits Models:- Arc-11xx(ml), Arc-1203-(2i/4i/8i), Arc-1224(4i/8i), Arc-1264il-(12/16), Arc-12x6, Arc-12xx(4i/4x/8x), Arc-12xx(ml), Arc-1680/1880 (i/x/lp/ix-xx), Arc-1882 (i/x/lp/ix-xx), Arc-1882p, Arc-1883-(i/x/lp/ix-xx), Arc-1884-(8/12), Arc-5066-cl, Arc-71xx, Arc-72xx, Arc-8008, Arc-8040, Arc-8042, Arc-8050t2,...
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