4v SLA batteries are commonly used in solar lighting and medical devices. If it's a 4v battery that you need, then look no further. These batteries are getting hard to find these days as their use has declined over the last few years. You may need to adapt your product or make one of the batteries below work for you. You can always pair two together in parallel to get the extra capacity.

4V Sealed Lead Acid

Brand New Rechargeable 4v Batteries For Solar, Medical And Vet Devices - Sealed Lead Acid Agm Technology, Sla Battery Canada
High quality, 4 Volt 4.5A/h (4V 4.5Ah) Rechargeable sealed lead acid battery. Our products are shipped from Canada using fast reliable carriers including Canada Post, UPS, & FedEx. Check out our detailed product description for more information with regards to this product
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