Button & coin cell batteries these types of batteries are used in many devices, including but not limited to calculators, watches, hearing aids, laser pointers, led accessories, glucometers, keyless fobs for cars, remote controls, and more. The cells are highly specialized and are designed to give a very long battery life.. the self-discharge of most of these cells, especially lithium, can be up to 10 years. The coin cell, or button cell as it is commonly known as is manufactured from a range of chemical compositions; there are alkaline cells (lr44, lr1120, lr41, etc.), silver oxide cells (sr626sw, 389, sr616sw), lithium cells (cr2032, cr2025, br1632) and last but not least a zinc-air (usually used for hearing aids). canadianbatteries.com offers most of these cells individually, but better discounts can be obtained when you buy in quantities of 5 or 10. most cells will automatically have discounts applied when you apply these quantities.
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