Payment Terminal Battery for Triton


Payment terminal battery for triton shipped from oakville, ontario canada

3.6V, Li-MnO2, 5400mAh, Battery fits Triton, 9100, 9600, 19.44Wh

Cameron Sino Technology Limited
  • Triton Battery
  • 9100 Battery
  • 9600 Battery
  • 9700 Battery
  • Ft5000 X2 Battery
  • Ft5000 Xscale Battery
  • Rl1600 Battery
  • 01300-00023 Battery Model
Product InformationFits Brands:- TritonFits Models:- 9100, 9600, 9700, Ft5000 X2, Ft5000 Xscale, Rl1600, Rl2000, Rl5000 X2, Rl5000 Xscale, Rt2000 X2, Rt2000 Xscale, TraverseFits Battery Model Numbers:- 01300-00023SpecificationsItem No.: CS-TRN910SL Type: Li-MnO2 Capacity: 5400mAh / 19.44Wh Voltage: 3.6V Colour: White Dimension: 50.60 x...
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