Survey battery for franklin

Franklin Survey Battery

Survey battery for franklin, shipped from canada
Survey Battery

Battery For Franklin, Grid C051 Celltron 9.6v, 1800mah - 17.28wh

Cameron Sino Technology Limited
  • Cameron Sino
  • Ni-MH
  • 9.6V
  • Survey Battery
  • Franklin Survey Battery
Product InformationFits Brands:-FranklinFits Models:- Grid C051 CelltronFits Battery Model Numbers:-125-0035SpecificationsItem No.: CS-FRK035SL Type: Ni-MH Capacity: 1800mAh / 17.28Wh Voltage: 9.6V Colour: Green Dimension: 101.00 x 56.70 x 15.20mm EAN Code: 4894128157236 Net Weight: 218.0g Gross Weight: 268.0gWe update this list as...
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