Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh
    It's essential that the following information is obtained from your device & your original battery before ordering.

    1. Please check that your original battery model number is shown in the description
    2. Please check that your product model number is shown in the description
    3. Please check that your battery's chemistries match the chemistry of your original battery.(NiMh replaces NiCd OK)
    4. Please check the voltage of your battery matches your original. There may be a few volts difference so 14.4V replaces 14.8V or 7.2V replaces 7.4V.
    5. Check the dimensions of your battery against our replacement.

    Quite often there is more than one type of battery fitted in like models by the manufacturers. Due to this its absolutely essential to open the device and check the model of the battery before ordering.

    About Cameron Sino Products

    Cameron Sino Technology Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2000, The company focuses on developing the latest and most reliable batteries. They provide a wide range of batteries for various industries, with more than 18,000 battery types. Cameron Sino integrates R&D, production and sales. They supply batteries all over the world.
    In order to adapt to the changing needs of the industry, Cameron Sino Technology Limited continues to develop and launch new products every month. Cameron Sino is known for its value, quality, speed, commitment and integrity and its primary aim is to provide products with the highest reliability possible.

    Why choose Cameron Sino Products?

    • The company has over 20 Years of Experience
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    • High Development Capabilities
    • Products designed to Meet Customer Needs

    Black Battery for HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000 10.8V, 6600mAh - 71.28Wh

    Here's the latest fitment list

    Fits Brands:- Hp
    Fits Models:- G6000, G7000, Pavilion Dv2000, Pavilion Dv2000t, Pavilion Dv2000z, Pavilion Dv2001tu, Pavilion Dv2001tx, Pavilion Dv2001xx, Pavilion Dv2002tu, Pavilion Dv2002tx, Pavilion Dv2002xx, Pavilion Dv2003ea, Pavilion Dv2003tu, Pavilion Dv2003tx, Pavilion Dv2004ea, Pavilion Dv2004tu, Pavilion Dv2004tx, Pavilion Dv2004xx, Pavilion Dv2005ea, Pavilion Dv2005tu, Pavilion Dv2005tx, Pavilion Dv2005xx, Pavilion Dv2006ea, Pavilion Dv2006tu, Pavilion Dv2006tx, Pavilion Dv2006xx, Pavilion Dv2007ea, Pavilion Dv2007tu, Pavilion Dv2007tx, Pavilion Dv2008ea, Pavilion Dv2008tu, Pavilion Dv2008tx, Pavilion Dv2009ea, Pavilion Dv2009tu, Pavilion Dv2009tx, Pavilion Dv2009xx, Pavilion Dv2010ea, Pavilion Dv2010tu, Pavilion Dv2010tx, Pavilion Dv2011ea, Pavilion Dv2011tu, Pavilion Dv2011tx, Pavilion Dv2012ea, Pavilion Dv2012tu, Pavilion Dv2012tx, Pavilion Dv2013ea, Pavilion Dv2013tu, Pavilion Dv2013tx, Pavilion Dv2014ea, Pavilion Dv2014tu, Pavilion Dv2014tx, Pavilion Dv2015ea, Pavilion Dv2015nr, Pavilion Dv2015tu, Pavilion Dv2015tx, Pavilion Dv2016ea, Pavilion Dv2016tu, Pavilion Dv2016tx, Pavilion Dv2017ea, Pavilion Dv2017tu, Pavilion Dv2017tx, Pavilion Dv2018ea, Pavilion Dv2018tu, Pavilion Dv2018tx, Pavilion Dv2019ea, Pavilion Dv2019tu, Pavilion Dv2019tx, Pavilion Dv2020ca, Pavilion Dv2020ea, Pavilion Dv2020tu, Pavilion Dv2020tx, Pavilion Dv2020us, Pavilion Dv2021tu, Pavilion Dv2021tx, Pavilion Dv2022tu, Pavilion Dv2022us, Pavilion Dv2023tu, Pavilion Dv2024tu, Pavilion Dv2024tx, Pavilion Dv2025la, Pavilion Dv2025nr, Pavilion Dv2025tu, Pavilion Dv2025tx, Pavilion Dv2026tu, Pavilion Dv2026tx, Pavilion Dv2027tu, Pavilion Dv2027tx, Pavilion Dv2028ea, Pavilion Dv2028tu, Pavilion Dv2028tx, Pavilion Dv2029ea, Pavilion Dv2029tu, Pavilion Dv2029tx, Pavilion Dv2030ea, Pavilion Dv2030tu, Pavilion Dv2030tx, Pavilion Dv2031ea, Pavilion Dv2031tu, Pavilion Dv2031tx, Pavilion Dv2032ea, Pavilion Dv2032tu, Pavilion Dv2032tx, Pavilion Dv2033ea, Pavilion Dv2033tu, Pavilion Dv2033tx, Pavilion 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Pavilion Dv6188ea, Pavilion Dv6188eu, Pavilion Dv6189ea, Pavilion Dv6189eu, Pavilion Dv6190eu, Pavilion Dv6191eu, Pavilion Dv6195ea, Pavilion Dv6195xx, Pavilion Dv6196ea, Pavilion Dv6196xx, Pavilion Dv6197xx, Pavilion Dv6198xx, Pavilion Dv6200, Pavilion Dv6203tx, Pavilion Dv6215tx, Pavilion Dv6216tx, Pavilion Dv6300, Pavilion Dv6400, Pavilion Dv6500, Pavilion Dv6500/ct, Pavilion Dv6500t, Pavilion Dv6500z, Pavilion Dv6560us, Pavilion Dv6570us, Pavilion Dv6573cl, Pavilion Dv6580el, Pavilion Dv6600, Pavilion Dv6700/ct, Pavilion Dv6700t, Pavilion Dv6700z, Pavilion Dv6800, Pavilion Dv6900, Presario Dv6000t
    Fits Battery Model Numbers:-  411462-141, 411462-261, 411462-321, 411462-421, 411462-442, 417066-001, 432306-001, 436281-141, 436281-251, 436281-361, 436281-422, 440772-001, 441243-141, 441425-001, 441462-251, 441611-001, 446506-001, 446507-001, 454931-001, 455804-001, 460143-001, Ev088aa, Ex941aa, Hstnn-c17c, Hstnn-db31, Hstnn-ib31, Hstnn-ib32, Hstnn-ib42, Hstnn-lb31, Hstnn-ob31, Hstnn-ob42, Hstnn-q21c, Hstnn-w20c, Nbp6a48a1

    We update this list as new information becomes available, see product description for more detailed information
    Remarks with regards to this product:- 

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    Latest Update:- 1st December 2021

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    We accept defective items for return for a refund during the first 30 days. After 30 days, the product can be returned but at our discretion, for either a store credit, replacement, exchange, or repair.

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    We offer a comprehensive 12 Months warranty on most of our Cameron Sino batteries and accessories. This warranty does not cover batteries that have been overcharged or undercharged or left to fully discharge for extended periods. Neither does the warranty cover abuse and misuse. All of our batteries and accessories can be returned to the address as shown on the returns authorization email that you will receive. We reserve the right to test any battery prior to issuing a new replacement or refund.

    Product Type:- Saft & Tadiran Batteries

    Warranty Period:- No Return / Warranty


    We are unable to offer a warranty on once-using batteries. The runtime of this battery is dictated by the current that the application it is used in draws. Please make sure that you order the correct battery for your application as there are NO RETURNS accepted on this product once the battery has been delivered.

    Product Type:- Other once-use batteries include Duracell, Energizer, Alkaline, and Lithium Batteries.

    Warranty Period:- No Return No Warranty


    We are unable to offer a warranty on once-using batteries. The runtime of this battery is dictated by the current that the application it is used in draws. Please make sure that you order the correct battery for your application as there are NO RETURNS accepted on this product once the battery has been delivered.

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    Our batteries from Cameron Sino are built using high quality parts and cells from leading manufacturers, be assured this battery will function the same as the OEM battery. Finding the right battery for your product can be difficult. There are so many models and part numbers it can be really confusing. it's easier to reach out to us first than it is to return the product later. Please contact us if you are really not sure which battery you need. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models described below






    6600mAh / 71.28Wh


    1 Year

    Model Number





    206.73 x 61.59 x 43.97mm

    Replaces Manufacturers




    Finding the right battery for your product can be difficult. There are so many models and part numbers it can be really confusing. it's easier to reach out to us first than it is to return the product later. Please contact us if you are really not sure which battery you need. If you are unable to confirm the battery number before ordering you may be best to contact us before placing your order. Our warranty is valid for a period of one-year, unless otherwise stated. The warranty covers the product against any manufacturing defect. You should expect for your new battery to last for between 400 and 500 cycles. A cycle can be described as a full charge and discharge. Different chemistries can be charged and discharged a different amount of times. Being an ISO 9001 certified factory means that the Cameron Sino range of batteries have to be manufactured with only the highest quality components. You can rest assured that the batteries we supply are fully tested in the devices they are designed for and are built with all the same safety protocols as the original OEM battery. Devices that this battery are known to fit can be seen in our listing below. Special Remarks:-

    Device Models and Battery numbers that this battery is known to support:-  


    Device Models Supported
    HP G6000, G7000, Pavilion dv2000, Pavilion dv2000T, Pavilion dv2000Z, Pavilion dv2001TU, Pavilion dv2001TX, Pavilion dv2001XX, Pavilion dv2002TU, Pavilion dv2002TX, Pavilion dv2002XX, Pavilion dv2003EA, Pavilion dv2003TU, Pavilion dv2003TX, Pavilion dv2004EA, Pavilion dv2004TU, Pavilion dv2004TX, Pavilion dv2004XX, Pavilion dv2005EA, Pavilion dv2005TU, Pavilion dv2005TX, Pavilion dv2005XX, Pavilion dv2006EA, Pavilion dv2006TU, Pavilion dv2006TX, Pavilion dv2006XX, Pavilion dv2007EA, Pavilion dv2007TU, Pavilion dv2007TX, Pavilion dv2008EA, Pavilion dv2008TU, Pavilion dv2008TX, Pavilion dv2009EA, Pavilion dv2009TU, Pavilion dv2009TX, Pavilion dv2009XX, Pavilion dv2010EA, Pavilion dv2010TU, Pavilion dv2010TX, Pavilion dv2011EA, Pavilion dv2011TU, Pavilion dv2011TX, Pavilion dv2012EA, Pavilion dv2012TU, Pavilion dv2012TX, Pavilion dv2013EA, Pavilion dv2013TU, Pavilion dv2013TX, Pavilion dv2014EA, Pavilion dv2014TU, Pavilion dv2014TX, Pavilion dv2015EA, Pavilion dv2015NR, Pavilion dv2015TU, Pavilion dv2015TX, Pavilion dv2016EA, Pavilion dv2016TU, Pavilion dv2016TX, Pavilion dv2017EA, Pavilion dv2017TU, Pavilion dv2017TX, Pavilion dv2018EA, Pavilion dv2018TU, Pavilion dv2018TX, Pavilion dv2019EA, Pavilion dv2019TU, Pavilion dv2019TX, Pavilion dv2020CA, Pavilion dv2020EA, Pavilion dv2020TU, Pavilion dv2020TX, Pavilion dv2020US, Pavilion dv2021TU, Pavilion dv2021TX, Pavilion dv2022TU, Pavilion dv2022US, Pavilion dv2023TU, Pavilion dv2024TU, Pavilion dv2024TX, Pavilion dv2025LA, Pavilion dv2025NR, Pavilion dv2025TU, Pavilion dv2025TX, Pavilion dv2026TU, Pavilion dv2026TX, Pavilion dv2027TU, Pavilion dv2027TX, Pavilion dv2028EA, Pavilion dv2028TU, Pavilion dv2028TX, Pavilion dv2029EA, Pavilion dv2029TU, Pavilion dv2029TX, Pavilion dv2030EA, Pavilion dv2030TU, Pavilion dv2030TX, Pavilion dv2031EA, Pavilion dv2031TU, Pavilion dv2031TX, Pavilion dv2032EA, Pavilion dv2032TU, Pavilion dv2032TX, Pavilion dv2033EA, Pavilion dv2033TU, Pavilion dv2033TX, Pavilion dv2034EA, Pavilion dv2034TU, Pavilion dv2034TX, Pavilion dv2035EA, Pavilion dv2035LA, Pavilion dv2035TU, Pavilion dv2035TX, Pavilion dv2035US, Pavilion dv2036EA, Pavilion dv2036TU, Pavilion dv2036TX, Pavilion dv2037TU, Pavilion dv2037TX, Pavilion dv2037US, Pavilion dv2038TU, Pavilion dv2038TX, Pavilion dv2039TU, Pavilion dv2039TX, Pavilion dv2040CA, Pavilion dv2040TU, Pavilion dv2040TX, Pavilion dv2040US, Pavilion dv2041TU, Pavilion dv2041TX, Pavilion dv2042TU, Pavilion dv2042TX, Pavilion dv2043TU, Pavilion dv2043TX, Pavilion dv2044TU, Pavilion dv2044TX, Pavilion dv2045EA, Pavilion dv2045TU, Pavilion dv2046TU, Pavilion dv2046TX, Pavilion dv2047CL, Pavilion dv2047TX, Pavilion dv2048TX, Pavilion dv2049TX, Pavilion dv2050TX, Pavilion dv2050US, Pavilion dv2053EA, Pavilion dv2054EA, Pavilion dv2055EA, Pavilion dv2056EA, Pavilion dv2057EA, Pavilion dv2058EA, Pavilion dv2064EA, Pavilion dv2065EA, Pavilion dv2080EA, Pavilion dv2081EA, Pavilion dv2082EA, Pavilion dv2083EA, Pavilion dv2084EA, Pavilion dv2085EA, Pavilion dv2088XX, Pavilion dv2095EA, Pavilion dv2097EA, Pavilion dv2098EA, Pavilion dv2099EA, Pavilion dv2100, Pavilion dv2101au, Pavilion dv2101eu, Pavilion dv2101tu, Pavilion dv2101tx, Pavilion dv2101xx, Pavilion dv2102au, Pavilion dv2102eu, Pavilion dv2102tu, Pavilion dv2102tx, Pavilion dv2103au, Pavilion dv2103ea, Pavilion dv2103tu, Pavilion dv2103tx, Pavilion dv2104au, Pavilion dv2104ea, Pavilion dv2104eu, Pavilion dv2104tu, Pavilion dv2104tx, Pavilion dv2105ea, Pavilion dv2105tu, Pavilion dv2105tx, Pavilion dv2106ea, Pavilion dv2106eu, Pavilion dv2106tu, Pavilion dv2106tx, Pavilion dv2107tu, Pavilion dv2107tx, Pavilion dv2108ea, Pavilion dv2108tu, Pavilion dv2108tx, Pavilion dv2109nr, Pavilion dv2109tu, Pavilion dv2109tx, Pavilion dv2110eu, Pavilion dv2110tu, Pavilion dv2110tx, Pavilion dv2111tu, Pavilion dv2111tx, Pavilion dv2112tu, Pavilion dv2112tx, Pavilion dv2113tu, Pavilion dv2113tx, Pavilion dv2114tx, Pavilion dv2115ea, Pavilion dv2115tu, Pavilion dv2115tx, 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    Battery Models Supported
    HP 411462-141, 411462-261, 411462-321, 411462-421, 411462-442, 417066-001, 432306-001, 436281-141, 436281-251, 436281-361, 436281-422, 440772-001, 441243-141, 441425-001, 441462-251, 441611-001, 446506-001, 446507-001, 454931-001, 455804-001, 460143-001, EV088AA, EX941AA, HSTNN-C17C, HSTNN-DB31, HSTNN-IB31, HSTNN-IB32, HSTNN-IB42, HSTNN-LB31, HSTNN-OB31, HSTNN-OB42, HSTNN-Q21C, HSTNN-W20C, NBP6A48A1


    Manufacturers that this product will replace:-


    Manufacturers Supported

    Actual manufacturer


    Cameron Sino


    Battery Selection (Please read - Important)

    Please make sure that the device manufacturer, The model number and also the battery part number are all listed in our product details. Some manufacturers have more than one battery type fitted in like models. We recommend that you remove the original battery before ordering to confirm this. If you are not sure we may be able to confirm for you.

    Usually if the capacity of the battery that you are viewing here is much greater than your original this may mean that the battery is larger and will either require the cover provided to be used or may protrude from your device. The battery will still fit and function but this may affect fitment into any cases or holders that you may have.

    Dimensions (mm)
    206.73 x 61.59 x 43.97mm
    Length (inches).
    Width (inches).
    Height (inches).
    Length (mm).
    Height (mm).
    Width (mm).
    Gross Weight:
    0.6334 Kg
    Ean Code
    Net Weight.
    0.4534 Kg
    Our Part Number
    Watt Hour.
    Canadian Batteries supplies high quality, Black Batteries For Hp G6000, G7000, Pavilion Dv2000 10.8v, 6600mah - 71.28wh


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