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HIGHLY recommend this baby if you have a big rig, an RV or a truck that may need a start here and there. Apparently this baby is gentle enough to start my riding lawn tractor while doubling up as a horse and starting up my 10L size RV engine when it runs out of charge. In the winter, when the RV is parked, I place it my wife's jeep (she drives a lot more than me in hazardous winter conditions). I know, without a doubt, it will save her (or someone else she encounters) one day! And to think that I was embarrassed to put it in her car without charging so I charged it a second time - the first time was when I got it 6 months ago or so!! Note: you will need a micro charger PLUG - it only comes with the USB connections but not the plug - but we have two around the house so it was never a big deal!

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"After comparing prices for 12v 20ah SLA batteries from here to China, this is the best deal going. Hands down. Many companies will soak you for extra $ on the shipping costs. Canadian Batteries doesn't add a penny to Canada Post's cost. Great concept. Too bad most every other business soaks you where they can. The spec sheets made available, are incredibly detailed and extremely helpful. Awesome all around!"
Michael Dumoulin -

"Battery for my Samsung tablet arrived on time and in good condition. Installation was easy although a cracked solder joint on the motherboard battery connector made for a longer than expected installation and boot up. After finishing the fix for that issue the new battery performed as per expectations."
John Thompson - NONE

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