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HIGHLY recommend this baby if you have a big rig, an RV or a truck that may need a start here and there. Apparently this baby is gentle enough to start my riding lawn tractor while doubling up as a horse and starting up my 10L size RV engine when it runs out of charge. In the winter, when the RV is parked, I place it my wife's jeep (she drives a lot more than me in hazardous winter conditions). I know, without a doubt, it will save her (or someone else she encounters) one day! And to think that I was embarrassed to put it in her car without charging so I charged it a second time - the first time was when I got it 6 months ago or so!! Note: you will need a micro charger PLUG - it only comes with the USB connections but not the plug - but we have two around the house so it was never a big deal!

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"kudos on the excellent customers service! purchased a battery for a Dyson that arrived D.O.A. Customers service was prompt & helpful in working with me. they determined it was a faulty battery, shipped me a new one. new one works great! much appreciated!!"
Wayne Dust -

"I received my order !Very happy thanks"
Ve7sxa -

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