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"Ordered a replacement battery for a Redmi Note 6 Pro (which is rare in this part of the world). Although it took a while to source stock (I get shipping batteries is slow), the support, process and product all worked perfectly and today I have a working phone. I will definitely use Canadian Batteries again in future. Thank you."  (Tuesday 17 August, 2021)
Andrew Grant

"Great communication, fast delivery and excellent product quality. Nothing short but 5 stars."  (Tuesday 13 July, 2021)
Igor Kovalev

"Cannot ask for better service, and in this pandemic situation, always kept in touch with my order and myself. Also it is locally established ( Canadian ). I will buy again from this company, as drone batteries are rare, and they actually carry them! Keep up the good work."  (Wednesday 28 April, 2021)
Zoltan Bota

"excellent service and so easy to order"  (Sunday 12 July, 2020)
Judy Stelwagen

"Once again, I've had another amazing customer experience with Canadian Batteries. I've searched everywhere for a Dyson battery including Dyson with no real success. I found what I wanted and needed on Canadian Batteries Website, ordered it and received it days later. That's incredible customer service. Thank you.....again!"  (Saturday 02 May, 2020)
Robert Elliott

"I just want to thank you guys. Batteries arrived and were as hoped. Prices for the batteries i needed were the same as big online retailers. I don't think Amazon needs more money. I would MUCH rather deal with a Canadian company. Will definitely order again."  (Thursday 16 April, 2020)
Roy Pennington

"Fast delivery. Battery fits perfectly in my ASUS. Thanx!"  (Friday 31 January, 2020)
Jules Paradis

"Needed to make a change to my original order and contacted customer support. Michelle provided excellent service in getting the original order cancelled and the update processed. Had to get a replacement for one of the batteries, but the return process and time to get a replacement was quick and worked perfectly."  (Friday 03 May, 2019)

"Ordered 50 batteries. Received them on time. Professionally packaged and all work as expected. Thanks"  (Friday 15 February, 2019)
Victor Lafrance

"Thank you Canadian Batteries for great service. Replacement battery arrived today. Super Service. Tks"  (Thursday 24 January, 2019)
Elizabeth Dougal

"The batteries arrived on time as they said, and work well."  (Thursday 30 August, 2018)
Mary Mastrangelo

"I received my order !Very happy thanks"  (Monday 13 August, 2018)

"Awesome service and replacement battery for my Xoom working perfectly! So easy to replace with new one from Canadian batteries. More people should do the same with their older technology that are bricks only because of a simple change out of a battery."  (Thursday 19 July, 2018)
Dorothy Gilson

"Excellent product - replaced the battery in my iPhone 5s and fixed the constant reboot issue. The replacement battery arrived quickly and even included tools to service the phone. Highly recommended"  (Saturday 05 May, 2018)
Alistair Sumner

"It is not what goes wrong but what but how an error is handled. (everyone makes a mistake from time to time) I was extremely pleased an order picking error was resolved and the correct product (an upgrade) was shipped out the same day we advised Canadian Batteries. The return label was sent immediatley and we received the replacement received the following day."  (Thursday 25 January, 2018)
Floris Van Ooyen

"the batteries that i purchased for my Craftsman hand tools work great.they out last the original batteries 10 to 1.I have told the sales people from sears about your company because they were unable to get batteries,and know that they are closing, it is good to know there is still replacements available. I continue to tell people about Canadian Batteries , for their battery needs."  (Saturday 23 December, 2017)
Don N

"These are my comments on 'Black Battery for Apple MacBook Pro 15" A1321 MC118LL/A 661-5476 MB985LL/A'. This was for my mid-2010 15-inch Macbook Pro. (1) The battery arrived promptly. (2) All tools required for installation were supplied. Installation was straightforward, but I had done it before. Also, SMC reset requires battery removal in this model, so I had previous experience! (3) I calibrated the battery after topping off the charge. It took 5 hours and 15 minutes to go from 100"  (Tuesday 12 December, 2017)
Rod Macdonald

"Battery for my Samsung tablet arrived on time and in good condition. Installation was easy although a cracked solder joint on the motherboard battery connector made for a longer than expected installation and boot up. After finishing the fix for that issue the new battery performed as per expectations."  (Sunday 26 November, 2017)
John Thompson

"Batteries work "  (Tuesday 21 November, 2017)
Randy Platek

"Thank you for your emails explaining how a product might be out of stock and for your regular updates on when to expect delivery. Exceptional service."  (Thursday 07 September, 2017)
Allen Larsen

"kudos on the excellent customers service! purchased a battery for a Dyson that arrived D.O.A. Customers service was prompt & helpful in working with me. they determined it was a faulty battery, shipped me a new one. new one works great! much appreciated!!"  (Tuesday 08 August, 2017)
Wayne Dust

"Quick delivery, personal service with a real human from a local location from a local Canadian company. As good as one could want it. Thanks"  (Wednesday 26 July, 2017)
Michael Leblanc

"After comparing prices for 12v 20ah SLA batteries from here to China, this is the best deal going. Hands down. Many companies will soak you for extra $ on the shipping costs. Canadian Batteries doesn't add a penny to Canada Post's cost. Great concept. Too bad most every other business soaks you where they can. The spec sheets made available, are incredibly detailed and extremely helpful. Awesome all around!"  (Friday 14 April, 2017)
Michael Dumoulin

"thought I was going to have to buy a new tablet because the battery died, thought I had looked everywhere, replacement prices were near the price of a new tablet, then I found " Canadian Batteries ", they got me a replacement at a reasonable price, Thanks Canadian Batteries, great deal, great price, good people to deal with !"  (Tuesday 21 March, 2017)
George Slater

"Very satisfied with the two harder to find batteries that I recently purchased. Communications were excellent and easy making me feel confident in my puchases."  (Monday 27 February, 2017)
William Doyle

"If i had one comment to make you guys just have toooo much to chose from and too many toys!"  (Tuesday 03 May, 2016)
Jonathon Mitchell

"I just love the compare function I can look at two products in detail and decide exactly on their specs - great job guys!"  (Tuesday 03 May, 2016)
Robert Horner


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"excellent service and so easy to order"
Judy Stelwagen -

"Cannot ask for better service, and in this pandemic situation, always kept in touch with my order and myself. Also it is locally established ( Canadian ). I will buy again from this company, as drone batteries are rare, and they actually carry them! Keep up the good work."
Zoltan Bota - AME OF CANADA

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