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NameU1 Deep Cycle 12V 33Ah AGM battery for scooters
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U1 Deep Cycle 12V 33Ah AGM battery for scooters 1U1 Deep Cycle 12V 33Ah AGM battery for scooters 2

The DriveMotion deep cycle batteries have amazing staying power. They are specifically designed for high drain Electric Vehicle applications. This battery will revitalize your old electric scooter and give it the power to get back up that steep hill. Our batteries will not let you down. In fact the SB12330D is ahead in its class. Performing to maximum capacity, this deep cycle battery unit can be useful in the most difficult of situations. 

When asked what they value most in a battery unit, people generally answer simply that it “works.” And yet this statement is not that simple. Often you will encounter batteries that may work for a bit but then ultimately disappoint in terms of the factors that count. It is imperative that you purchase an SLA unit that has been tested and certified, and that was built to last. Shopping for a battery thus may not be as cut and dry as it seems. But we certainly strive to make it as easy as possible. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to answer your concerns to the utmost of our abilities and to steer you in the direction of which sealed lead acid battery would work best for you.

This battery will replace any 12V 33Ah or 12V 35Ah battery. We have had good success with AGM deep cycle batteries over Expensive Gel batteries.


Please Note: This battery does not come with cables/adapters to connect to your specific device. Make sure that you order a battery with the correct size terminals. The battery is manufactured from an abs plastic casing. 

  • The 12V 33A/H battery is used in a variety of applications. 
  • The SB12330D battery uses Deep Cycle AGM Technology.
  • It is a Maintenance-Free Design and as such is totally spill proof.
  • Please make sure that you check the dimensions of the battery you are replacing before ordering. Shipping is expensive and its better to get it right first time.  


Chemistry Deep Cycle AGM
Voltage 12
Capacity (Ah) 33
Connector NB3/ Nut & Bolt
Weight (Lbs) 22.48
Weight (Kgs) 10.2
Warranty 1 Year
Model SB12330D
Spec-Sheet SB12330D Specs
Length (inches 7.13
Width (inches) 5.14
HT (Inches) 6.57
HT Top T (In) 7
Length (mm) 195
Width (mm) 130
HT (mm) 156
HT Top T (mm) 180
Size Varience + or - 1%


Service Life of these kind of batteries 

• Improper charging (overcharging and lack of charging) is the number one reason why AGM/VRLA batteries fail prematurely. Follow charging guidelines found on this specification sheet.
• Elements that affect Cycle Life: There are various factors that will have an effect on the service life of AGM/VRLA batteries in cyclic applications; ambient operation temperature, discharge rate, depth of discharge, the manner in which the battery is recharged, and the timeliness of the recharge, to obtain maximum service life it is recommended not to go beyond 80% DOD and if at all possible limit it to 50% DOD. At 50% you will obtain the ideal trade-off for life expectancy for AGM batteries. This recommendation goes for all brands of AGM batteries.
• Elements that affect standby life: All the same factors are responsible but the most important in this case is the ambient temperature followed closely by the charging parameters. For example - In an enclosed box cabinet with no ventilation temperatures, are most often than not well above 25°C in the summer, henceforth battery life is severely affected.

• Never install AGM/VRLA batteries in an airtight container.
• Keep away from sparks, and any source of flames.
• Connect cables tightly to avoid sparks at terminals.
• The electrolyte contains sulfuric acid which can cause serious damage to eyes and skin. Should this occur, flush profusely with water and seek medical attention.
• Do not short circuit AGM/VRLA terminals with a metal object, they are capable of generating hundreds of amperes, you can seriously burn your-self in short circuiting a battery.
Mixing batteries of different capacities, age and/or manufacturer is not recommended.


Delivery Information

We ship using Canada Post Expedited delivery & also Fedex ground shipping. All Cameronsino products are shipped from our warehouse in Oakville, Ontario. At this time we do NOT offer collection at this location. We try to make our shipping costs as competitive as possible but shipping is expensive in Canada and if your battery is Lithium it cannot be shipped via regular letter mail. All shipping costs are calculated depending on your postal code. If you wish to obtain an accurate quotation for shipping costs before you checkout add the product to your shopping cart and enter your country and postal code or Zipcode. Once updated all shipping options and delivery times will be calculated for you.


The brand names/trademarks/trade names specified are registered properties of their respective owners and our batteries are designed to be generic replacements for the original product.

Also:- All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

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