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Canadian Batteries know that you may have many battery dependent devices at work and around the home which means that you can never have too many batteries on hand. We offer a huge selection of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries and chargers that will help you keep all of your favourite devices powered up. We stock many different brands including Energizer, Duracell, plus our high quality generic range and more to choose from. Canadianbatteries carry everything you need for all your home and mobile electronics.

Batteries & Chargers

Alkaline batteries are usually once-use only. These come in a host of sizes that are perfect for your digital camera, remote control, flashlight, wireless mouse, boombox, watch, calculator, and more.

Rechargeable batteries also come in many different types: Including lithium Ion, nickel-metal hydride (NiMH),  Nickel Cadmium, Lithium Phosphate, plus a few others. These types of battery are typically designed for devices that require more battery power than your average alkalines can offer. With a handy charger from Canadian batteries close by you will be able to charge them over & over.

Battery chargers are usually designed for either NiMH, NiCd or lithium batteries. They plug right into a wall outlet for fast and easy charging of your batteries some even have a 12V Car adaptor so you can charge them while on the go. A battery charger that can be used in the car is perfect for those of you always on the move. These chargers will give you the power to keep the batteries for your media players and digital cameras powered up. 




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"Very satisfied with the two harder to find batteries that I recently purchased. Communications were excellent and easy making me feel confident in my puchases."
William Doyle -

"Needed to make a change to my original order and contacted customer support. Michelle provided excellent service in getting the original order cancelled and the update processed. Had to get a replacement for one of the batteries, but the return process and time to get a replacement was quick and worked perfectly."

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