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I ordered a battery from another retailer who sells batteries in the Canadian marketplace and it was basically a repackaged older battery with some new cells. It was poorly made and would charge quickly and discharge within 5 minutes! Very poor product and customer service from a company that sells through many Canadian online retailers. Cheap price, cheap product proving you get what you pay for! However, with canadianbatteries.com, my communication I had no problems and received a brand new, fresh, laptop battery of excellent quality. I have been using it for several months now and it holds a charge as well as, if not better, than the original battery! Also, canadianbatteries.com was very informative and provided a great customer service experience from the start. Yes, this battery cost about twice the price, but it's not unreasonable and it works (and lasts at least 60-72 times longer: 5-6 hours vs 5 minutes)! So yes, I am very pleased with this battery and hope that it will continue to hold a great charge for at least 2-3 years.

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"Ordered a replacement battery for a Redmi Note 6 Pro (which is rare in this part of the world). Although it took a while to source stock (I get shipping batteries is slow), the support, process and product all worked perfectly and today I have a working phone. I will definitely use Canadian Batteries again in future. Thank you."
Andrew Grant - NANAIMO

"It is not what goes wrong but what but how an error is handled. (everyone makes a mistake from time to time) I was extremely pleased an order picking error was resolved and the correct product (an upgrade) was shipped out the same day we advised Canadian Batteries. The return label was sent immediatley and we received the replacement received the following day."
Floris Van Ooyen - STRATENERGY INC

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