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Great battery! Phone is not shutting down randomly anymore.

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Installed this battery one month ago. Phione is used for business and cycled once a day. If your looking to extend the life of your Moto X Pure/Style and having your order processed and shipped quickly, then I would recommend installing this battery.

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"Very satisfied with the two harder to find batteries that I recently purchased. Communications were excellent and easy making me feel confident in my puchases."
William Doyle -

"It is not what goes wrong but what but how an error is handled. (everyone makes a mistake from time to time) I was extremely pleased an order picking error was resolved and the correct product (an upgrade) was shipped out the same day we advised Canadian Batteries. The return label was sent immediatley and we received the replacement received the following day."
Floris Van Ooyen - STRATENERGY INC

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