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NameBattery for Jvc Gr-d240, Gr-d246, Gr-d247, Gr-d250, 7.4V, 3300mAh - 24.42Wh
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Battery for Jvc Gr-d240, Gr-d246, Gr-d247, Gr-d250, 7.4V, 3300mAh - 24.42Wh 1Battery for Jvc Gr-d240, Gr-d246, Gr-d247, Gr-d250, 7.4V, 3300mAh - 24.42Wh 2Battery for Jvc Gr-d240, Gr-d246, Gr-d247, Gr-d250, 7.4V, 3300mAh - 24.42Wh 3Battery for Jvc Gr-d240, Gr-d246, Gr-d247, Gr-d250, 7.4V, 3300mAh - 24.42Wh 4Battery for Jvc Gr-d240, Gr-d246, Gr-d247, Gr-d250, 7.4V, 3300mAh - 24.42Wh 5Battery for Jvc Gr-d240, Gr-d246, Gr-d247, Gr-d250, 7.4V, 3300mAh - 24.42Wh 6

Our batteries from Cameron Sino are built using high quality parts and cells from leading manufacturers, be assured this battery will function the same as the OEM battery. Battery selection can be a complicated process. Leave the selection to the experts if you are really not sure. We can be contacted easily by live chat or by email. We will respond to your query with 8 business hours. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described below






3300mAh / 24.42Wh


1 Year

Model Number





58.47 x 40.78 x 37.11mm

Replaces Manufacturers




Battery selection can be a complicated process. Leave the selection to the experts if you are really not sure. We can be contacted easily by live chat or by email. We will respond to your query with 8 business hours. All the models that this battery will fit are shown in the tables below. Check that both the model of your device and battery number match your original battery. Cameron Sino products are usually covered by a 12 month warranty unless otherwise stated. Just send the product back to us and a replacement will be sent to you free of charge. Lithium Ion and Lithium polymer cells usually last for between 400 and 500 cycles, Nimh cells have the ability to be charged for around 500 cycles, cycle life will vary according to a number of different factors. There is no set life cycle of any of these cells. Factors that influence their life include temperature, humidity and amount of charges. ISO 9001 certification ensures that strict manufacfuring standards are adhered to. Safety is primary concern and we use only high quality components to ensure that strict standards are met. The batteries we supply should perform as well as your original. Check that your product is shown below in the products table. Special Remarks:-

Device Models and Battery numbers that this battery are known to support:-  


Device Models Supported
Jvc Gr-d240, Gr-d246, Gr-d247, Gr-d250, Gr-d250u, Gr-d250us, Gr-d270, Gr-d270us, Gr-d271, Gr-d271us, Gr-d275, Gr-d275us, Gr-d29, Gr-d290, Gr-d290ac, Gr-d290ah, Gr-d290us, Gr-d295, Gr-d295us, Gr-df420, Gr-df430, Gr-df430us, Gr-df450, Gr-df450us, Gr-df470, Gr-df470us, Gr-df540, Gr-df550, Gr-df550us, Gr-df565, Gr-df570, Gr-df590, Gr-d750ex, Gr-d750u, Gr-d750us, Gr-d751, Gr-d760, Gr-d760ek, Gr-d760ex, Gr-d760us, Gr-d770, Gr-d770ac, Gr-d770e, Gr-d770ek, Gr-d770ex, Gr-d770us, Gr-d770vs, Gr-d771, Gr-d771ek, Gr-d771ex, Gr-d771us, Gr-d775, Gr-d775ek, Gr-d775ex, Gr-d775us, Gr-d790, Gr-d790ek, Gr-d790ex, Gr-d790us, Gr-d793, Gr-d796, Gr-d796ek, Gr-d796ex, Gr-d796us, Gr-d820ek, Gr-d850, Gr-d850ek, Gr-d850ex, Gr-d850us, Gr-d851, Gr-d853, Gr-d860ek, Gr-d870ek, Gr-d870us, Gr-d875, Gr-d875ek, Gr-d875us, Gr-da20, Gr-da20ex, Gr-da30, Gr-da30ac, Gr-da30us, Gs-td1bek, Gs-td1bus, Gy-hm100, Gy-hm100u, Gz-hd10, Gz-hd10ac, Gz-hd10ek, Gz-hd10ex, Gz-hd10us, Gz-hd200a, Gz-hd200b, Gz-hd200r, Gz-hd230, Gz-hd260, Gz-hd3, Gz-hd30, Gz-hd300, Gz-hd300a, Gz-hd300ac, Gz-hd300aek, Gz-hd300aus, Gz-hd300b, Gz-hd300bek, Gz-hd300bus, Gz-hd300r, Gz-hd300rek, Gz-hd300rus, Gz-hd30ac, Gz-hd30b, Gz-hd30ek, Gz-hd30ex, Gz-hd30s, Gz-hd30us, Gz-hd310, Gz-hd320, Gz-hd320ac, Gz-hd320bus, Gz-hd3aa, Gz-hd3ac, Gz-hd3ag, Gz-hd3ah, Gz-hd3ek, Gz-hd3ex, Gz-hd3us, Gz-hd40, Gz-hd40ac, Gz-hd40ek, Gz-hd40ex, Gz-hd40us, Gz-hd5, Gz-hd5b, Gz-hd5ek, Gz-hd5ex, Gz-hd5s, Gz-hd5us, Gz-hd6, Gz-hd6ek, Gz-hd6ex, Gz-hd6us, Gz-hd7, Gz-hd7ac, Gz-hd7b, Gz-hd7ek, Gz-hd7ex, Gz-hd7s, Gz-hd7us, Gz-hm1, Gz-hm110, Gz-hm1ac, Gz-hm1s, Gz-hm1sek, Gz-hm1seu, Gz-hm1sus, Gz-hm200, Gz-hm200ac, Gz-hm200bah, Gz-hm200bek, Gz-hm400, Gz-hm400ac, Gz-hm400-b, Gz-hm400eu, Gz-hm400-s, Gz-hm400u, Gz-hm400us, Gz-hm80, Gz-hm90, Gz-mg120, Gz-mg130, Gz-mg130ac, Gz-mg130ek, Gz-mg130ex, Gz-mg130u, Gz-mg130us, Gz-mg131, Gz-mg131ek, Gz-mg131ex, Gz-mg131us, Gz-mg132, Gz-mg132ek, Gz-mg132ex, Gz-mg132us, Gz-mg133, Gz-mg133ek, Gz-mg133ex, Gz-mg133us, Gz-mg134, Gz-mg134ek, Gz-mg134ex, Gz-mg134us, Gz-mg135, Gz-mg135aa, Gz-mg135ek, Gz-mg135ex, Gzmg135us, Gz-mg135us, Gz-mg140, Gz-mg140aa, Gz-mg142, Gz-mg145, Gz-mg145aa, Gz-mg148, Gz-mg148aa, Gz-mg148ek, Gz-mg148ex, Gz-mg148us, Gz-mg150, Gz-mg150ef, Gz-mg150ek, Gz-mg150ex, Gz-mg150us, Gz-mg155, Gz-mg155a, Gz-mg155ac, Gz-mg155ek, Gz-mg155ex, Gz-mg155p, Gz-mg155u, Gzmg155us, Gz-mg155us, Gz-mg157, Gz-mg157ek, Gz-mg157ex, Gz-mg157us, Gz-mg175, Gz-mg175ac, Gz-mg175ek, Gz-mg175ex, Gz-mg175us, Gz-mg177, Gz-mg177ek, Gz-mg177ex, Gz-mg177us, Gz-mg210, Gz-mg211, Gz-mg220, Gz-mg230, Gz-mg230u, Gz-mg250, Gz-mg255, Gz-mg255a, Gz-mg255ac, Gz-mg255ek, Gz-mg255ex, Gz-mg255us, Gz-mg255w, Gz-mg260, Gz-mg261, Gz-mg262, Gz-mg275, Gz-mg275aa, Gz-mg275ac, Gz-mg275b, Gz-mg275e, Gz-mg275ek, Gz-mg275ex, Gz-mg275s, Gz-mg275us, Gz-mg330, Gz-mg330a, Gz-mg330aus, Gz-mg330b, Gz-mg330h, Gz-mg330hus, Gz-mg330r, Gz-mg330rus, Gz-mg330s, Gz-mg330us, Gz-mg335, Gz-mg335h, Gz-mg335hus, Gz-mg335us, Gz-mg335w, Gz-mg335wus, Gz-mg340b, Gz-mg340bus, Gz-mg35, Gz-mg36, Gz-mg360, Gz-mg360b, Gz-mg360buc, Gz-mg360bus, Gz-mg360s, Gz-mg361, Gzmg361us, Gz-mg361us, Gz-mg365, Gz-mg365b, Gz-mg365bus, Gz-mg365h, Gz-mg365us, Gz-mg430b, Gz-mg430h, Gz-mg430hus, Gz-mg435b, Gz-mg435h, Gz-mg435hus, Gz-mg437b, Gz-mg465, Gz-mg465b, Gz-mg465bus, Gz-mg465us, Gz-mg530, Gz-mg530ac, Gz-mg555, Gz-mg555ek, Gz-mg555ex, Gz-mg555us, Gz-mg575, Gz-mg575ac, Gz-mg575b, Gz-mg575ek, Gz-mg575ex, Gz-mg575s, Gz-mg575us, Gz-mg610seu, Gz-mg630, Gz-mg630a, Gz-mg630aa, Gz-mg630ac, Gz-mg630aek, Gz-mg630au, Gz-mg630aus, Gz-mg630r, Gz-mg630raa, Gz-mg630rag, Gz-mg630rek, Gz-mg630rus, Gz-mg630s, Gz-mg630saa, Gz-mg630sah, Gz-mg630sek, Gz-mg630sus, Gz-mg630us, Gz-mg645, Gz-mg645bek, Gz-mg645bus, Gz-mg650, Gz-mg670, Gz-mg670b, Gz-mg670bus, Gz-mg670us, Gz-mg680, Gz-mg680b, Gz-mg680bus, Gz-mg680us, Gz-mg730, Gz-mg730ac, Gz-mg730bus, Gz-mg730us, Gz-mg740, Gz-mg830, Gz-mg830ac, Gz-mg840, Gz-mg840a, Gz-mg840r, Gz-mg840s, Gz-mg880, Gz-ms100, Gz-ms100r, Gz-ms100rus, Gz-ms100us, Gz-ms101, Gz-ms120, Gz-ms120a, Gz-ms120aus, Gz-ms120b, Gz-ms120bus, Gz-ms120r, Gz-ms120rus, Gz-ms123, Gz-ms130, Gz-ms130a, Gz-ms130aus, Gz-ms130b, Gz-ms130beu, Gz-ms130bus, Gz-ms130r, Gz-ms90, Gz-ms90us, Gz-ms95seu, Gz-x900


Battery Models Supported
Jvc, Bn-vf733, Bn-vf733u, Bn-vf733us, Ly34647-002b


Manufacturers that this product will replace:-


Manufacturers Supported

Actual manufacturer


Cameron Sino


Battery Selection (Please read - Important)

There are three important pieces of data that you will need to have to confirm the fitment of this battery in your device. You will need the model of your device, The battery number - found on the original battery and the manufacturer. This is the only way to be 100% sure this is the correct battery.

Usually if the capacity of the battery that you are viewing here is much greater than your original this may mean that the battery is larger and will either require the cover provided to be used or may protrude from your device. The battery will still fit and function but this may affect fitment into any cases or holders that you may have.


Delivery Information

We ship using Canada Post Expedited delivery & also Fedex ground shipping. All Cameronsino products are shipped from our warehouse in Oakville, Ontario. At this time we do NOT offer collection at this location. We try to make our shipping costs as competitive as possible but shipping is expensive in Canada and if your battery is Lithium it cannot be shipped via regular letter mail. All shipping costs are calculated depending on your postal code. If you wish to obtain an accurate quotation for shipping costs before you checkout add the product to your shopping cart and enter your country and postal code or Zipcode. Once updated all shipping options and delivery times will be calculated for you.


The brand names/trademarks/trade names specified are registered properties of their respective owners and our batteries are designed to be generic replacements for the original product.

Also:- All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

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