Nortel cordless phone battery replacements


Nortel Cordless Phone Battery Replacements, Shipped From Canada
Product InformationFits Brands:- NortelFits Models:- A0628271, A0667371, A0757132, C3050, C3060, Mu79-1520, Mu79-1530, Nthh04ca, Nthh04fa, Nthh04ga, Nthh10aa, Nthh10ca, Nthh10ha, Nthh11aa, Nthhea, NthhgaFits Battery Model Numbers:- A0757132, Nthh04gaSpecificationsItem No.: CS-NTC305CL Type: Ni-MH Capacity: 700mAh / 2.52Wh Voltage: 3.6V...
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