Game PSP and NDS Battery for SteelSeries


SteelSeries Game PSP and NDS Battery Replacements, Shipped from Canada
Product InformationFits Brands:-SteelSeriesFits Models:- 69070, 69089, 9076sw, Nimbus+ ControllerFits Battery Model Numbers:-Pl602258SpecificationsItem No.: CS-SLC690SL Type: Li-Polymer Capacity: 700mAh / 2.59Wh Voltage: 3.7V Colour: Black Dimension: 61.10 x 22.00 x 5.00mm EAN Code: 4894128179993 Net Weight: 13.5g Gross Weight: 38.5g...
Product InformationFits Brands:-Replaces many different brandsFits Models:- 602040, LP602040 Fits Battery Model Numbers:- Any 3.7V LiPo cell with the shown dimensionsSpecificationsItem No.: CB-602040 Type: Li-Polymer Capacity: 450mAh / 1.66Wh Voltage: 3.7V Colour: Silver Dimension: 6 x 20.00 x 40.00mm EAN Code: Net Weight: 9g Gross...
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