BabyPhone Battery for Moonybaby


Moonybaby babyphone battery replacements, shipped from canada

3.7V, Li-Polymer, 1100mAh, Battery fits Moonybaby, MB55931, MB55931-2T, 4.07Wh

Cameron Sino Technology Limited
  • Moonybaby
  • Mb55810
  • Mb55810-2t
  • Mb55931
  • Mb55931-2t
  • Mb55933
  • Mb55933-2t
  • Mb55935
Product InformationFits Brands:- MoonybabyFits Models:- Mb55810, Mb55810-2t, Mb55931, Mb55931-2t, Mb55933, Mb55933-2t, Mb55935, Mb55935-2t, Mb55935bv, Mb55935bv-2t, Split 55, Trust 30, Value 100 MonitorsFits Battery Model Numbers:- 1icp5/36/53-1sptSpecificationsItem No.: CS-MNY559SL Type: Li-Polymer Capacity: 1100mAh / 4.07Wh Voltage: 3.7V...
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