Motorola Two-way Radio Charger Shipped From Canada
Here's the latest fitment listFits Brands:- MotorolaFits Models:- Cp250, Cp450, Cp450ls, Gp300, Gp308, Gp600, Gp88, Gp88s, Gt-2050, Gtx Ltr Portable, Gtx Privacy Plus Portable, Gtx800, Gtx900, Hnn8133c, Hnn8308a, Hnn9628, Hnn9628a, Hnn9628ar, Hnn9628b, Hnn9628r, Hnn9701a, Hnn9808b, Lcs2000, Lts2000, Mtx638, P040, P080, Pmnn4005, Pro3150, Ptx600, Wpnn4040,...
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