Mobile and smartphone battery for freetel

Freetel Mobile And Smartphone Battery

Mobile and smartphone battery for freetel, shipped from canada
Mobile and SmartPhone Battery

Battery For Freetel, Ftj161b, Ftj161b-rei, Ftj161b-rei-bk 3.8v, 2700mah - 10.26wh

Cameron Sino Technology Limited
  • Cameron Sino
  • Li-Polymer
  • Mobile and SmartPhone Battery
  • 3.8V
  • Freetel Mobile And Smartphone Ba
Product InformationFits Brands:-FreetelFits Models:- Ftj161b, Ftj161b-rei, Ftj161b-rei-bk, Ftj161b-rei-bl, Ftj161b-rei-cg, Ftj161b-rei-pg, Ftj161b-rei-sl, Samurai ReiFits Battery Model Numbers:-Bp-re1SpecificationsItem No.: CS-FRT161SL Type: Li-Polymer Capacity: 2700mAh / 10.26Wh Voltage: 3.8V Colour: Black Dimension: 84.70 x 60.30 x 3.62mm...
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