Ibm cmos and backup battery replacements


Ibm cmos and backup battery replacements, shipped from canada
Here's the latest fitment listFits Brands:- IbmFits Models:- Thinkpad 1400i 2621-rr5, Thinkpad 2645, Thinkpad 600, Thinkpad 600 2645-41a, Thinkpad 600 2645-45a, Thinkpad 600 2645-45u, Thinkpad 600 2645-510, Thinkpad 600 2645-51a, Thinkpad 600e, Thinkpad 600e 2645-3au, Thinkpad 600e 2645-41a, Thinkpad 600e 2645-4aa, Thinkpad 600e 2645-4ah, Thinkpad 600e...
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